What is the best season to dive in Papua New Guinea?

Different areas of Papua New Guinea have different peak seasons. We plan our itineraries to take advantage of the areas with the best weather during any given trip and we keep our itineraries flexible so that we can change course to a different dive area should conditions change. While we do our best to make sure you get the very best conditions for diving, global weather patterns are changing and becoming more difficult to predict so there can never be a guarantee.

For more detailed information on what itineraries we offer and when click here.

How do I get to the departure point?

For most trips MV Oceania departs and returns to Walindi Resort which is situated on the large island of New Britain off the Papua New Guinea mainland.
The closest airport to Walindi is Hoskins Airport (HKN) which is also called Kimbe Airport on the Air Niugini web site.  

We also have select itineraries throughout the year that operate out of Rabaul, Alotau and Kavieng - all of which have different airports to Kimbe, so it is important to triple check your particular trips departure and arrival ports.
Please refer to the trip details sheet you will receive when enquiring for more detail.

Air Niugini (Papua New Guinea's national carrier) have daily flights to and from Port Moresby and PNG Air also have flights on most days into these regional airports.  You can download schedules from both of their web sites.

If you arrive on the day of departure, MV Oceania staff will collect you from the airport and transfer you to the boat.
If you are staying at a hotel or resort prior to departure MV Oceania will collect you from your accommodation and transfer you to the boat at the designated boarding time (from 4pm onwards). These transfers are included in your trip cost*.
*Please note that some hotels are not easily accessible to us for transfer and as such alternative transfer arrangements may need to be made at an additional cost. Please check with our reservations staff if your chosen hotel transfers are available.

When is the last dive and when do I disembark?

For all trips the final dive is prior to lunch on the day before disembarkation. Crew wash and dry all dive gear in the afternoon as MV Oceania pulls into the disembarkation port for the final evening on board. Guests overnight on board ready for disembarkation in the morning.
Disembarkation is any time prior to 9am on the final day of your trip. We are able to provide transfers to any flight at the closest airport on the day of disembarkation and this is included in your trip cost.
If your flight is prior to 9am, you will be transferred directly to the airport.
If your flight departs after 9am you will be taken to a close by resort where you will be able to relax until your transfer time.
If you are staying at a local resort or hotel after your trip a transfer will be provided at 9am to your elected accommodation provided it is easily accessible to us.

Yes, we do! Nitrox is available at an additional cost.
You can pre-purchase a nitrox package that covers your whole trip:
$270 per person for a 10 or 9 night trip
$210 per person for an 8 or 7 night trip

Or alternatively you can purchase casual fills on board for $10 (+10% GST) on board.

Do you have nitrox on board?

I would like to extend with a land based add on, where can I stay before or after my trip?

Different Oceania trips have different arrival and departure points. If you are looking for a land based add on we recommend the following accommodation providers:

For Kimbe/ Walindi Departures/Arrivals: We recommend our home base, Walindi Resort.
For Rabaul Departures/ Arrivals: We recommend either Kokopo Beach Bungalows or Rapopo Plantation Resort.
For Milne Bay Departures/ Arrivals: We recommend Driftwood Resort or Alotau International Hotel. Tawali Resort is also an option, but please note that due to its distance from Alotau town alternative arrangements need to be arranged regarding transfers. Contact our reservations staff for more info regarding Tawali transfers.
For Kavieng Departures/ Arrivals: We recommend Lissenung Island Resort or Nusa Island Retreat.

You can check out the finer details on the boats technical specifications by clicking here.

What are the technical specifications on MV Oceania?

We can cater for basic dietary requests, but due to our remote location we cannot accommodate all dietary requests. Please advise us of any dietary needs when you enquire and we can advise further.
If you have a serious dietary allergy, we strongly urge you to bring an epi pen along with you and ensure you are insured for emergency evacuation at sea. We operate in a remote area and we do not have a government funded rescue service so it is vital that we are aware of any allergies, you have appropriate medication with you and that you are fully insured.
We recommend DAN insurance for both travel and evacuation insurance.

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

We do not have 15L tanks on board Oceania. Our largest, and standard tank size for guests are 12L.
If you require a smaller tank, let us know and we can arrange.
If you are concerned about air consumption with a 12L tank, we are able to assist with pony bottle hire through Walindi Dive, or you are welcome to bring your own pony bottle along with you.

Our tanks are multi fitting, so cater to both Yoke and DIN fittings.

Do you have 15L tanks?
Do you have DIN or YOKE tank fittings?

We offer up to 4 dives a day on board. A 10 night trip typically has 8.5 dive days, a 9 night trips typically has 7.5 dive days, an 8 night trip typically has 6.5 dive days and a 7 night trip typically has 5.5 dive days. Some trips may have a differing number of dive days and our reservations team will advise if this is the case.

How many dives a day do you offer?